Fragrance FAQ

Fragrance Types

What is Perfume?

Perfume, the most concentrated formulation and usually the most expensive perfume extract contains 15-30% aromatic compounds, allowing for all day fragrance when applied to the skin. Normally Perfumes are sold in small quantities from 1 ounce or less.

What is Eau de Parfum?

Eau de parfum, often times referred to as ‘Eau De Perfume’ is one of the most popular and well concentrated perfumes, containing 10-15% aromatic compounds.

What is Eau de Toilette?

Eau de Toilette, less effective than Eau de Parfum, is also another popular choice due to the inexpensiveness than the other perfume formulations, and not having a strong scent when applied to skin. Eau de Toilette’s aromatic compounds range from 5% to 20%.

What is Cologne, or Eau de Cologne?

Originating from Cologne, Germany, Eau de Cologne or Cologne is lighter version of Eau de Toilette, consisting of aromatic compounds around 2-5%. These products are available for both men and woman.

What are Testers?

Testers are a great way to test out and purchase a perfume at a discounted rate with out compromising quality. Testers are manufactured by the brand owners to help promote their fragrances. Testers often arrive in a plain box with out all the fancy packaging, saving you time and money.


For any perfume concentration, be sure to keep the bottle tightly sealed and stored in a cool, dry place away from windows or direct sunlight or heat sources to maximize its shelf life. For best results, store opened bottles inside their boxes. Fragrances usually last three years from the date they were manufactured.